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AUGUST 11, 1999

On the decks of Marco Polo Awaiting eclipse
Awaiting eclipse
Awaiting eclipse
As the moon cuts into the image of the sun, shadows through small apertures become crescent shaped: Crescent shadows on the deck
At the last moments before second contact (the beginning of totality) the shadow of the moon rushes toward the ship:
Moon shadow approaching ship.
During totality the entire horizon glows with sunset colors:
Sunset color on horizon, with ship in the distance fully lighted.
The captain of one of these two ships must not have cared if his passengers enjoyed the darkness of the eclipe!
To photograph the eclipse I used the same Vivitar lens of 800mm focal length with an aperture of f8 (thus the objective is 100 mm or 4 inches diameter), coupled to a Pentax Spotmatic single lens reflex camera as I used at the eclipses of 1970, 1973 and 1998. The film was Kodacolor Gold 800. I did not note the exposures accurately, but they probably ranged from 1/250 to 1/1000 second. The film was processed aboard MV Marco Polo and later scanned with an HP Photosmart scanner.

Eclipse of 1999

Eclipse of 1999

Photographs are no more than a reminder of an eclipse. Here are two more treatments of the scanned negatives of this eclipse, which may give a slightly better impression of some aspects of the experience(click on the images for a larger scale):
Eclipse of 1999

Eclipse of 1999
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